Microgreens - good for you, good for the planet

Not sprouts, not mature plants - microgreens! Grown locally on vertical farm, without pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Delicious, fresh and healthy.

What are microgreens?


What the difference between microgreens and sprouts? The answer is pretty simple – microgreens, unlike sprouts, are rooted.

Healthy, fresh and delicious – real superfood! You can it it in the way you want – there’s no rules!


Vertical urban farming - what is this?

We are producing our plants in specially build vertical farms.

Is it must be unnatural? Absolutely not! Our plants are growning under controlled conditions, the air is filtered and there are absolutely no pollutants or artificial additives in them.

But it's not ECO?!

It is the most eco-friendly crop you can imagine: 90% less water consumption than traditional crops and no pesticides. Additionally, cultivation in the city has an almost zero carbon footprint (unlike imported products from abroad).

Without plastic

We don’t like any kind of plastic and we wanted to reduce it as much as possible – we did it! The pot is fully biodegradable and consists only of organic materials.


How to eat microgreens?

Microgreens will be a great side dish to your daily meals. Fit salads, sandwiches, wraps? Cool! Comfort food such as pizzas and burgers? They wonderfully sharpen the taste. Smoothie, lassi or drinks? Yes, of course! Or maybe something from distant Asia? Curry, pad thai, laksa? Microflowers fit perfectly here.  


Where can I buy microgreens?

Contact us!

If you want to contact us, please write to info@listnycud.pl and follow us on Social Media!

Customers opinion

"Although at the beginning I was rather suspicious of the concept of plants in pots for food, the microgreens from Listny Cud turned out to be a bull's eye. Tasty, full of vitamins and fresh for a long time after purchase"
"A great proof that it is possible to deliver food straight to Polish plates without transporting it in trucks from warm parts of Europe. Delicious, healthy and does not ruin the environment - I recommend it!"
"Excellent as ingredients of healthy eating. Not only do they have many health properties, but also have a much higher concentration of vitamins than mature plants. I recommend it :)"