Office vertical farm

Green technology to support your team’s wellbeing

Office vertical farm

 It is a healthy and unique benefit for employees. 

Our office vertical farms automatically water and light plants, so there’s no need to do anything with them, we’ll take care of the maintenance. 

The freshness of the plants is at least 7 days.  

The only thing that you need is a power connection, you can put it on a kitchen counter or an open space.  

Benefits of microgreens


Highest quality

Unique benefit



Innovative technology

Great taste

Mikroliście Doniczka

About us


Urban farmers – as Listny Cud, we produce edible plants on a vertical farm in the centre of Warsaw. Worried about the climate crisis and tired of the ubiquitous plastic appearing on store shelves, we wanted to change something and show that it can be different. We did it! We are developing an innovative technology of vertical farms in Poland, which is becoming more and more popular all over the world.



Our plants are produced without disposable plastic and pesticides – we have a certificate of organic farming. Production on a vertical farm allows us to grow and deliver them to you all year round.                Delicious, healthy and local!